Sustainability Matters.

One of the most important things for us, and I’m sure you too, is sustainability.

As a small, independent business, we have a lot of control over how we impact the planet so we make sustainable choices where possible. Here's a bit about our sustainability initiatives and how we model our business around sustainability:

Made to last

All of our jewelry is made with the long-term in mind. We make pieces that are wearable and will stand up to your usage. Like all jewelry, it should be cared for, and we include care details for all of our materials here

We use a thick 2.5 micron gold plating, which if cared for should last several years (though this will also depend on your unique skin chemistry). Our plated pieces can always be re-plated as well.

The best option is to buy solid silver and solid gold jewelry, but we know that isn't always possible.

Made in small batches

One of the issues with fast fashion is that order sizes are too large, leading to a large amount of overproduction and waste. This is harmful to the planet on both sides.

We make our jewelry in small batches and mostly to order, which limits overproduction and wastage.

Recycled Metals

All of our metals have a majority of recycled content; most of the metal we use is over 90% recycled, and at minimum 30% recycled content.

Using recycled materials can reduce the CO2 output for jewelry by 60% or more.

We also use only hypoallergenic materials that are nickel and cobalt-free.


We use pearls that are sourced ethically, directly from pearl farmers.

Pearl farming is eco-friendly, as mollusks are filter feeders that clean their ecosystems and provide benefits for diverse plant and animal life. Pearl farms also need to keep waterways clean for the mollusks to thrive - so there's a financial benefit for them to keep waters clean.

We source higher-end pearls with a thicker nacre coating, which come from longer pearl harvests.
There are also many byproducts, but little wastage in the pearl harvest. We try to purchase a wide range of these products to help make it economical to reduce waste.

Mined Gemstones

We try to limit the usage of mined stones, and try to source dead-stock and vintage materials whenever possible.

We purchase most of our gems from responsible jewelry council-certified companies or from other small lapidaries. These are sometimes less traceable, but we’re always trying to balance supporting other small and independent businesses with sustainability.


In place of diamonds, we’ve chosen to use moissanite which is an incredibly rare natural stone with similar refractivity and hardness tto diamonds. Since moissanite is so rare, any moissanite used in jewelry is likely to be lab grown. Moissanite is a little less hard than diamonds, but witth greater refractivity and dispersion (you'll see a rainbow of colors with moissanite dispersion, where diamonds disperse mostly white light).

My own engagement ring features moissanite, and so I thought it makes sense to use moissanite in the jewelry we make.

We are looking into purchasing carbon-offsets against the production of moissanite for future collections.

Lab Created Gemstones

In future collections (coming soon!), we'll be using lab created gemstones, that are made using renewable energy.

The lab-created stones we'll use are more ethical and more sustainable than mined stones. We are also looking into off-setting carbon usage used in the production of those stones.