About Kara Yoo

Kara Yoo is a Vancouver based jewelry brand, established in 2012, with the mission to create versatile and thoughtfully crafted pieces.

Kara Yoo is a sustainable brand with a focus on high quality materials, recycled metals, vintage, repurposed, and sustainable stones. Our jewelry is made by several techniques including fabrication and traditional casting. Some of our pieces are hand carved in wax, and others are 3D modelled, printed and casted.

Kara's Story

My passion for jewelry started in high school, where I would rummage through my Mom's jewelry and "ask" to borrow some of her costume jewelry (and sometimes sneak an heirloom piece or some fine jewelry). I started making my own beaded jewelry for my friends and family. I saw it as more of a hobby than a career to pursue. Entrepreneurship wasn't as popular when I was in high school!

I went to university and majored in business and marketing knowing that I wanted to start a business of some sort. I kept thinking about jewelry, but it didn't seem feasible. Through business school, I met and interviewed designers of different jewelry brands, and it sparked my imagination. They were really supportive and made it seem like it was possible to start small. I started to sell beaded jewelry at markets; I enjoyed it, but wanted to expand my skill set and be able to produce more elaborate pieces, so I enrolled in a local 2-year jewelry and metal-smithing program. 

Established in 2012, Kara Yoo is now stocked in over 50 boutiques worldwide.