sustainable jewelry · made to wear · from recycled metals

The Bubble Ring

Stackable bubble rings

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The Avery Collection

Perfect for layering

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Hoops + Charms

Interchangeable Charms


We design and make jewelry.

We are a woman and AAPI-owned design and manufacturing studio located in Vancouver Canada. We design and make almost everything in-house.


We are planet-conscious, use recycled metals, sustainably sourced materials, and make pieces to order to limit overstock and unnecessary waste.

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Even Collar

A scaled up version of our Avery necklace. We experimented with several different patterns that resulted in two favourites; the Even and Odd Collar.


Odd Collar

Wear the Even and Odd Collar toghether.

Made with porcelain white jade with natural flecks of minerality throughout when viewed up close, and a bright white that stands out against darker shades and plays well with neutrals.