I Hope You Like Bows

In October, we released a collection of bows - I was a little worried it was too many bows...

It turns out the timing was just right. This has been, by far, our most popular collection yet. I sometimes joke to my husband that we don't make jewelry anymore, we just make bows now.

It's all designed, prototyped, hand-carved in wax and finished or beaded by hand in our Vancouver studio.

It's lead us to signing with a PR agency (and getting a placement on Katy Perry in our first month), testing out ads (maybe that's how you got here), expanding our small team of 5 to 11, and a huge expansion into Japan, all while I've been pregnant with my second child.

I hope you like bows!



Margot is a set of earrings and necklaces with a beaded construction.

We gave them a casual drape and a laid-back feel.

Available in black onyx, rice pearl or larger waterfall pearls. We've placed the bow off-center and you can adjust it to wear a little longer or centered at the front if you'd like.

The earrings are constructed with dramatic tails. Available in Rice Pearl and Sterling Silver.

We worked hard to get the drape just right. The drama is provided through movement instead of visual weight.


Dorothy is our big bow - an exaggerated, whimsical silhouette. We've kept the design grounded by taking textural cues from raw silk - which also creates dynamic reflections. Dorothy is available as a pendant or earrings.


Maisie is a small, cute bow with the raw silk texture of it's cousin, Dorothy. Maisie is available as a stud, a pendant, and a ring. I particularly love the ring—we've made it available in pinky finger sizes for extra cuteness.


Maya plays with the tails of our signature bow, offering slightly bolder pieces. On the earrings the tails form the hoop and on the ring they form the shank.


Gwen includes our two most experimental pieces. First, we made a multi-bow hoop with a "quiet streetwear" vibe. I'm really loving these.

Then we made an oversized chain bracelet featuring three bows and custom made chain links. With design magic, we were able to disguise the clasp as a bow.

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