A Core Capsule

We're excited to share with you a small capsule of pieces that didn't quite fit into our upcoming releases, but were too cute to hold back! I hope you love them as much a I do.

- Kara

In a loop

Loop's have been on my mind recently. I'm appreciating the routines or 'loops' that make up our lives so we decided to play with that idea with these layered, circular designs. Here's an early introduction to the collection with a few pieces that were ready for production.

This small release of pieces loop into a larger collection which includes convertible pieces that come apart and form a whole new piece. It has taken us longer than expected to complete with lots of tinkering and trial and error, so the final In A Loop collection will be available in FW24.

Open Rings

In preparation for spring, we refreshed one of our most popular styles, the Open Air ring. We incorporated a thicker band and replaced one of the freshwater pearls with a larger gemstone bubble—this season we have Lemon Green and Cognac Quartz.


Inspired by the quiet luxury aesthetic, this series features pieces that hide or cover a pearl (and soon a gemstone). The pearl feels nestled within the jewelry, and I like its subtle presentation.

Organic Updates

Like with any core capsule, we make sure that these are beautiful staple pieces that can be worn often and mixed and matched.

The small curve hoop is something special. Lovely on their own and easily stackable amongst multiple piercings. They will form the basis of our modular earrings (coming soon) since the hoop gets larger toward the tail, making it easy to slide different charms over the post.

Another Bow

We received a lot of requests for a "middle" bow style—a size between Dorothy and Maisie.

I wanted to experiment with a new concept, the "earring jacket", rather than just releasing another bow. Earrings Jackets usually sit at the back of the ear but we designed this to sit at the front of the ear lobe. So if you swap out the stud, you get many different styles in one.

This does mean you may need a longer post on your stud, so we'll start you off by shipping the earring jacket with a pair of studs that are sure to work.

New Silk Colors

We've also released a set of new silks for SS24. I especially love our seaweed pendant on these new fairy silk styles.

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