Spring summer 22 - BIG MINIMALISM

The new collection finds us experimenting with larger forms. Dynamic pearls, heishi beads and large semi-precious beads take center stage.


We've focused on pearls with a little bit more liveliness to them. We look for high lustre, and twisted, undulated geometries, with pinching, ridges and asymmetrical shapes.

Large gemstone beads

We've sourced these larger gemstone beads and kept it simple to highlight the natural variations in the stones. Chunkier forms are still minimalist, with simple delicate findings enlarged to find natural rhythm.

Carved and Casted

Simple shapes were carved from wax with an emphasis on the natural curvatures that come with hand carving. A pair of rings and bracelet with organic waves were carved as a companion. Studs are available in sterling silver and gold vermeil; rings and bracelet are casted in silver and bronze with a heavy gold plating.

Gemstone Heishi Beads

We sourced these gemstone heishi beads from our lapidary in Jaipur. A mix of semi-precious stones selected in a blend of grounded earth tones, rich jewel tones, and pops of candy hues. We've paired them with pearls to accentuate patterns and texture of the stones.

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