In Bloom

In celebration of the vibrance, joy, warmth, and blossoming of not only ourselves but the nature around us this season, we created the In Bloom Collection.

Honouring the phrase 'flowers for spring' in an unconventional way.

Explore our hand-beaded flower pieces or find your statement piece with our recycled metal flowers—all made right here in Vancouver, BC.

Maybe you found my pieces through our popular bow collection or just stumbled across our jewelry at your local boutique—either way, welcome! I hope you find expressive, transitional pieces for your everyday.

xx Kara Yoo

Beaded Blooms

This spring, I have been loving the deep blue of Lapis, soft green of Peridot, and of course, the elegance of white pearls. Our team hand-beads each flower, making them unique and playful.

Opposites Attract

During my design process, I experimented with opposites, making a solid flower (Bliss) and an outlined flower (Flora). You'll find these sprinkled throughout the collection as stud or hoop earrings and pendants. They easily match together or can be paired with your own pieces.

A Jacket For All

I've enjoyed experimenting with earring jackets recently, my first being the Petite Dorothy Earring Jacket from my bow collection. I expanded on that for spring, creating the Stem Earring Jacket. This little leafed addition can make the Flora Studs look as if their blossoming or be worn with your own studs for a personalized touch.

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