Holiday Gift Guide 2023

I love making this guide every year as a chance to share brands and products I love or that I want to try.

Here are 40 of my picks for this holiday season :) I hope you find something you love - and if you do, let me know!

Ceramic Heart Hand

By Analuisa Corrigan for Maimoun

Amazing one of a kind hand mirror that I'm too afraid to buy for myself because my son will probably break it. These are really special pieces


Fossil Wall Hook

By Schneid Studio
119 EUR

I love these funky wall hooks - I'd been looking at some muuto dots but these are my new wall hook obsession. Handmade in Portugal


Cutlery Rest, Glass Candy

By Gohar

Too cute.

Dough Pitcher

By Too Good
90 EUR

There's just something about the doughiness. Made in Portugal


Rainbow Mini Vase

By Maria Ida Designs

Vancouver-based Maria Struk makes beautiful, super fun glass ware. These vases are a personal favorite.


Small Mushroom Vase

By Stacy Wong

I love this mushroom shape. I wanted to buy a vintage mushroom lamp off marketplace - my husband convinced me not to, it sold, and now i regret it every time I see these.


Salt & Pepper Candle Holders

By Ash Chen

Amazing candle sticks and vases. So many beautiful, whimsical, mysterious kind of alieny shapes, and then the colors and patterns only add to it. I spent two days staring at these at In Todo and they haven't left my mind since.


Daisy Sconce

By Eny Lee Parker

We're working on a flower collection for SS 24 and Eny Lee Parker's super playful lights feature heavily on our moodboards.


Camilla Dress

By Lisa Says Gah x Allina Liu

I love Allina Liu's whimsical dresses, and this print for LSG takes this over the top.


Zelda Dress

By A Bronze Age

Vancouver-based Bronze Age is always on my wishlist, they just keep making amazing pieces collection after collection. The Zelda dress is at the top of my list, but everything they make is special.

Made in Canada

01 Thing At a Time T-Shirt

By Merge

I love this tee by Merge - I love all of their tees. The quotes, images, graphic design, and simple front are all winners. Screen Printed in Canada


Butterfly T-Shirt

By Hijulez

I love this butterfly shirt - with 9 hand-painted butterflies quilted on. I'll be doing a pop-up with Hijulez December 8-10 and I'll stimulate the economy by buying one.

Hand-dyed, made in Canada tee


Tulip Dress in Poet

By Fortiv

I love the fit of the tulip dress from Fortiv, and this Poet print is the right kind of romantic to make a great gift (for yourself).


Cropped Tuxedo Shirt

By Two Four Six

Amazing upcycled pieces - I bought one recently and it's quickly become one of my favorite shirts. Sourced & Upcycled in Los Angeles


Suzy Pleated Top

By Et Tigre

Founded by Adele and Alnea. Thoughtfully and sustainable made.

Made in LA.


Persimmon Candle

By Gohar

That's a cute candle.


Holiday Mini Candle Gift Set

By Mala The Brand

Non-toxic candles in holiday scents. Is it getting older? Is it being a mom? The holidays just seem to be so much more festive and exciting.


Tie Dye Socks

By Hecho By Caye

Somehow I always have socks on my wishlist, these are a definitely winner.



By Neos Candle Studio

Super fun colors and design.


Pretzel Mug

By Kiwi Poca Shop



Teresa - Throw Blanket

By Bien Mal

Made in the US - $199? Is that the right price? That can't be right.


Magnetic Soap Holder

By Ondo Body

Convenient, practical, clean, genius.


Peppermint & Eucalyptus Terrazzo Soap

By Ondo Body

I love anything terrazzo.


Sorrel Nail Polish

By Ssone

Love this color.


Myrrha Fragrance

By Fiele Fragrances

I'm usually a no-scent person, and I don't know what Myrrha is - this is a really nice perfume.


Necessity Kit

By F.Miller

Amazing face oil - and I'm sure the other products are too (that's why it's on my wishlist!)


Aura Dots Nail Art

By Jin Soon

An easy and super fun stocking stuffer.


Crying Glitter Nail Polish

By Ettigre

I like my nails best when they're glittery.


Funny Sad Stuff Crocheted Bow in Moss & Black Stripe

By KkCo

I love KKCo's design sensibility and this bow is an accessible entry point to the brand.


Palermo Bow in Black

By Sandy Liang

Anything by Sandy, really.


Le Porte Bambino Airpod Case

By Jacquemus

I love Jacquemus (who doesn't) and this airpod case is cute, I always misplace my airpods and would never buy this for myself.


The Outré Bag

By Kozha Numbers

Portland-based brand - I love the simplicity with the pierced detailing, chain strap.


Sea Star Necklace

By Kara Yoo

One of my favs - carved in wax based on a magnified piece of sand.


Knot Key Hook

By Clau

I could use a big key chain to help me stop misplacing my keys (I'm sensing a trend here).


Margot Earrings Silver

By Kara Yoo

My most worn piece from our new collection, more casual than the pearl version but still a conversation piece.


Maisie on Raw Silk Necklace

By Kara Yoo

A versatile piece that makes for easy, cute gifting.


Fuddlewuddle Elephant Jellycat

By Jellycat

Anything jellycat is the best, you can't go wrong. They're all so cute, cuddly and seem to stand up to a toddler perfectly.


Weighted Blanket

By Bearaby

Weighted blankets are super helpful for sensitive and hyperactive kids. Maybe all kids?


Mystery Bow

By A Bronze Age

Fun for any age.


Blooming Arrangement Kids' Shirt

By Bode

Bode makes amazing clothing for men, and now women and kids too with a really specific vision. I'm obsessed with these baby bode shirts.


Maisie Studs

By Kara Yoo

A cute pair of earrings that are perfect statement size for younger ears.


The Music Set

By Lovevery

Lovevery makes amazing play kits, an amazing toy shelf and now this amazing music set.


Mini Bath Bombs

By Blazing Bombs

Bath bombs are a huge hit but making them at home was not.


Tiny Pebble Studs

By Kara Yoo

Perfect for tiny ears.


Friends & Neighbours Game

By Dilly Dally

The cutest game that helps toddlers learn to share and treat others kindly.


Penguin Crochet Kit

By The Woobles

Not just for kids, but for older kids these are a great entry point to crafting.


Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book

By Lotta Nieminen

We received "Cookies" as a gift, and it's been a huge hit for over 2 years! We're getting "Pancakes" for Christmas (and maybe "Tacos" and "Pizza" too)


Every Dreaming Creature

By Brendan Wenzel

An amazing book! An imaginative story and super poetic - our son loves it and hearing him repeat the story is just too cute.