Exciting stuff coming up!

Beaumont Annual Resident Holiday Market
We'll be joining in on the Beaumont's Annual Resident Holiday Market. The Beaumont has over 100 resident artists and creative businesses (including us!). 

Wednesday, Dec 4, from 4pm - 9pm
Beaumont Studios 
326 W 5 Ave
, Vancouver, BC

Holiday Pop Up with Poppy Barley (Vancouver) 
We'll be joining Poppy Barley's Holiday Pop-Up with North Kinder. Poppy Barley will be there from Dec 4-8, and Kara Yoo and North Kinder will be there from Dec 6-8. 

Friday, Dec 6, 10pm - 6pm

Saturday, Dec 7, 11pm - 6pm

Sunday, Dec 8, 12pm - 5pm
Little Mountain Shop
4386 Main St, 
Vancouver, BC