Kara’s Favourite Korean Shaved Ice

This is one of Kara’s favourite desserts to eat during the warmer months (or any time of year). It’s refreshing and relatively healthy if you don’t overdo it on the sugary toppings.

You Will Need:

Blender or Food Processor
2 cups Ice cubes
Fresh fruit
Condensed milk
Red Bean, sweetened 
(from a can or homemade)
Korean rice cakes aka Tteok

Kara's Favourite Toppings:

Strawberries, watermelon, bananas, raspberries, mango, roasted bean powder.

Additional Topping Ideas:

Ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, grass jelly, roasted bean powder, corn flakes.

Red Beans:
Available at most Asian grocery stores. You can cook the beans in a pressure cooker and add a small amount of sugar. Buy bean ‘mash’ rather than a fine paste.

Fresh Rice Cakes (tteok):
Available at a Korean grocery store (or if she’s lucky, her mom has made some for her ☺️). Kara prefers injeolmi rice cakes because she loves the taste of roasted soybean powder.


(1) Freeze the bowls! Grab two bowls, swirl the water around and dump out the water. Do not dry the inside. Put the bowls in the freezer until you’re ready to add the shaved ice.

(2) Cut the fruit and rice cakes into 1 cm cubes. Open and set aside the condensed milk.

(3) Measure 2 cups of ice cubes. 

(4) Turn on your blender to variable (or setting I of II) and power it up to medium-high.

(5) Blend the ice in two batches so the blender doesn’t freeze up. Make sure the lid is on as the ice flies around - and blend until it’s powdery. Rinse the blender with hot water in between batches.

(6) Pour the powdered ice into the chilled bowl.

(7) Time to assemble! 

(8) Drizzle condensed milk on the shaved ice. Top with the chopped fruit, red bean paste, and rice cakes. Drizzle more condensed milk over top.

Serve and enjoy!