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Randa Salloum's favourite ways to pair our new collection

Say Hello to Randa!

I met Randa a few years ago when she posted some photos of our jewellery on her fashion and lifestyle blog. I knew I wanted to collaborate with her, but didn't know what form that would take. Randa has an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog, but she is also a full-time marketing strategist, consultant and production manager who is always looking to help and connect female entrepreneurs. 

Recently she invited me to attend a Greasy Spoon Supper run by A Better Life Foundation. We chatted over dinner and this photoshoot is what we came up with! 

What’s something you’re excited to be working on?

In collaboration with Fall For Local, my partner and I have created ARCHIVE, Vancouver’s first warehouse consignment sale! Our city does not have a program dedicated to recycling apparel so we have decided to create a space that can circulate apparel and accessories within our community. Check us out on Instagram at @HeyArchive.

Who are some of your favourite local designers? 

Kara Yoo, obviously! I have some very beloved jewelry designers that I keep on rotation, always with an original Kara. Sonya Lee, Fuhr Co and Serenity West have all played a part in my closet these past seasons.

What do you value when you’re shopping?

I like to look at where my money has gone and what the designer is doing with their brand. It’s important to me to shop brands that are ethical in their sourcing, production and marketing but it’s always a treat when they can be local.

Of course, it’s not always easy to find a brand that does all of that together but when you do, don’t let them pass by! Just knowing that my money is going to a brand that is using the money to pay their workers, create amazing products and even just feed their life is worth it.

Anything else you’d like to share? (fun facts, quirky comment, things you’re excited for …) 

I’m not just that person who buys a pumpkin spice latte in August, but I’m also that person who starts Christmas shopping in September. I am who I am!!!

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Photography — Jonathan Spooner

Clothing — One of a Few
Styling — Randa Salloum 
Lookbook Design — Kae Linh Ngo