Kara's Picks (Summer 22)

These are some of my favorite pieces, built into a modular jewelry collection - with a focus on being able to wear all of these pieces together or separately.

I have access to a lot of jewelry, and these are the pieces I reach for constantly.

- Kara


These are our foundational pieces; great for a simple look, and can be built on top of easily. I wear these constantly, and they are easy to mix and match with any look.

Building Blocks

These are pieces that build on the basics, to create the core of my collection. They're a little heavier or have more visual interest.

These are every week pieces, for me, and sometimes weeks at a time.

Forever Pieces

These are some more substantial pieces that are long term investments or pieces that won't necessarily be daily-wear pieces, but can be worn any time and add a lot to any outfit.

Seasonal Favorites

These are pieces that are more of-the-moment - they'll get a lot of run during the summer, and then move to more once-a-week or every two weeks. Pieces that get me a little more excited to get ready, dress up, or go out.

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