Favorite Things

A Few of Kara's Favorite Things
"I've always admired brands that seamlessly strike a balance between sophistication, functionality, and versatility. Here is a collection of some goods I've loved over the years from my home city of Vancouver and whilst traveling abroad."

Rumisu Scarves (Istanbul, Turkey)

"I picked up one of these beautiful scarves from Istanbul a few years back. The founders are two sisters from Istanbul, who hand draw the illustrations which are then transferred to pure silk. I love the fun and playful illustrations!"

Everlane Shoes (USA) 

"These super comfortable flats can make any outfit look polished. They are incredibly versatile and easy to slip on. They're a staple in my wardrobe."

Opelle Creative (Toronto, Canada)

"This is the perfect clutch or pouch to carry all the small things I have in my purse." 

Just B Smiling (Vancouver, Canada)

"These elegantly handmade phone cases are made in my hometown of Vancouver! I love the look of the natural pressed flowers floating on the back of my iPhone. Plus, you can plant the tag which will grow into a beautiful plant."

Delfonics Pens

"The perfect fine-liner, light-weight pen made from wood! I carry it around everywhere -- for work and even sketches. I love all of the colors to choose from."

Common Projects

"These are my favorite high top sneakers with a zipper on the back. This means I never have to do my laces. Super comfortable and perfect for the rainy weather in Vancouver." 

BP Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

"This was a gift from a dear friend who knows I love gadgets. I love the look of the matte black oxidized metal paired with the satin brass findings. The design has this minimalist flair which I adore."

Single Neck Cuff

"This is my go-to piece that I wear everyday. I love the way it complements all types of necklines. It's a choker, so you can see it no matter what kind of top you're wearing."

Opal Marquis Ring and Four Corners Stacking Ring

"These are staples in my collection, and you will definitely find one or both of them on my fingers at any given time. I love the iridescence seen in opal, and the detailed hammer marks on the unique shape of the Four Corners ring."