About Margot

Our new collection has been our best selling release ever, and the best-selling pieces have been from the Margot line - a set of bows with a beaded construction, available in rice pearl, black agate, silver, and teardrop pearls.

The bow is placed off-center when worn collar or choker length - it can be worn a little longer and to the front.

The earrings are constructed with dramatic tails. Available in Rice Pearl and Sterling Silver.

We worked hard to get the drape just right. The drama is provided through movement instead of visual weight.

Facing forward, Margot gives off an inadvertent bolo tie feel which I'm really loving. The drape of the loops feels like a pearl ribbon tied up into a bow.

Construction and Making Margot

There are a lot of design decisions we make along the way. I wanted to share a few of those.

The hole size in the central bead of the bow makes a big difference in the drape of the tails. We have it drilled a little larger than necessary so that we get a nicer, more natural hang.

We use a different wire for the bow that gives a nicer hang or drape compared to the stiffer wire used for the necklace which gives it a stronger construction.

Finishing the tails - we have a crimp bead at the end of each tail, and we drill a larger hole in the pearl or bead halfway through and then we have it epoxied in for a tight fit. We use a custom silver aglet for the silver bead version.

The tail length and bow size -
the longer tails for the earrings are kind of that shoulder duster length that’s super-in right now without being too visually heavy. That’s something I always want to consider, making a piece that complements your style and doesn’t overwhelm it - that’s what really makes a piece more versatile and wearable to me.

See the entire collection, I Hope You Like Bows.

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